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County's Largest Classroom

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Did you know research shows young people experience learning loss when they do not participate in educational activities during the summer?

Come & explore Alameda County's Largest Classroom! 


The Alameda County Fair is a living learning classroom that offers an almost limitless variety of activities and experiences that are not only fun but educational as well! Thousands of exhibits and hundreds of activities await inquisitive minds and offer educational opportunities for the entire family as well as youth groups. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes at the fair will tickle your senses and create unique learning experiences - in a safe and family friendly environment!

Did you know research shows young people experience learning loss when they do not participate in educational activities during the summer? 

Alameda County Fair offers many STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning opportunities.

Plan a field trip to the fair and you and your family can learn about:

  • Science

  • Math

  • Music

  • Robotics

  • Agriculture

  • Environment

  • Physics

  • Natural resources

  • Solar & wind energy

  • Water conservation

  • Horticulture

  • Recycling

  • Animals

  • Sports

  • Health

  • Cooking

  • The arts





The Alameda County Fair is offering several programs & exhibits designed to engage and educate your family or youth group:

STEM Nuggets Program: (this program offered on Kids Free Fridays)
This program consists of hands-on activities in the special areas of robots, rockets, sun, space, sports, fitness, health, water and wind.  Enjoy activities, exhibits and special guests.
Every day is Sensational Solar Science Day

Weekend Events:

  • June 20-22 Sports, Fitness, Health

  • June 27-29 Robots, Rockets, Space

  • July 4-6 Energy, Engineering, Environment

RayRAY: (open daily) Located near the red gate, RAY is an attraction that is sure to delight young and old. RAY is a remote control racetrack powered by solar energy.  RAY consists of scale model NASCAR type race cars, steering consoles and lap counter.  The educational exhibit on solar power shows how the sun is used to power the system. Once fairgoers complete the educational circuit, they can participate in the race circuit and compete for the checkered flag.  Be sure to check out the solar energy learning center adjacent to RAY for more solar powered fun.






Discovery Quest Program: (offered daily)
An informal program designed for families and youth groups. Discovery Quest is a self-guided tour of the fair offered every day the fair is open. Participants follow a map and choose from a list of activities provided in information packets available on the website and on site. The learning activities for grades K-8 are designed to use existing attractions, venues and exhibits including the carnival rides. The learning concepts are designed in a fun way that includes exploration of questions that can be answered by visiting those areas. The educational focus includes:

  • Animal science including biology, health, and care of farm and domestic animals

  • Earth science focusing on plants, sun, wind and water

  • Environmental stewardship focusing on recycling, composting and worm farming

  • Life science including health and wellness

  • Physics of gravity, forces, momentum and simple machines

  • Simple math, data collection, probability and statistics

Big Green Race:
A race for teams of youths ages 8-18 This adventure will take you all over the fairgrounds for fun and entertaining physical and mental challenges; some challenge's are about the fair and some about environmental action. Teams of four work together throughout the race and interact with the fairgoers in educational and entertaining ways. Challenges will be physical and mental and many will focus on "green" activities.  The 2014 race will be held on Sunday, June 22 and $5.00 per team for youth competition and $10 per team for teacher competition. Pre-registration required.





Puzzle-mania Exhibit:(open daily) located in Kid’s Park near the yellow gate, this family entertainment area offers a challenging, fun new twist to solving all kinds of puzzles - jigsaw, geometric, tangrams, disentanglements – take them apart and put them together. Puzzles have been around for thousands of years. They are made to entertain, stimulate, challenge and rehabilitate the mind. Find your old favorites and try new ones. 










Sudsy’s Barn:  (open daily) Located near the Red Gate, this unique attraction offers hand washing and bubble fun with the Sudsy “crew”. Hygiene can be so very entertaining when your favorite animals talk to you.










Storyville: (open daily) Imagination takes you places!  Located in Kid’s Park near the yellow gate, this family attraction features activities, games, blocks and storytelling fun with favorite storybook characters.