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When selecting a corporate event facility, a detailed plan and budget can help ensure that everyone knows exactly what they should do, when they should do it, and how much it should cost. From the beginning your professional event coordinator will play a key roll in making sure your event's internal process is smooth and effective.

Choosing the right venue is a vital part of a corporate event. The choices can be endless and each specific event will have different requirements and a different budget. There are larger corporate event facilities available however, it is becoming increasingly popular to use interesting and unusual venues, such as the Alameda County Fairgrounds, to create extra interest in an event. We have many different diverse combinations of venues available.


This facility can host a small corporate events or a full scale consumer show. The success of our events is due to the collaboration of Event Staff, appointed Contractors, Exhibitors, grounds production staff and marketing.

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The Alameda County Fairgrounds is host to trade and consumer shows, festivals, corporate picnics, and much more. Over three million visitors annually visit the 267 acre park-like grounds. We appreciate your interest in the Alameda County Fairgrounds facilities for your next event. Please call us at 925.426.7600 if you need any additional information.


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